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Bilal is an experienced leader and change architect. Drawing on his success as a CEO, he now translates his passion for driving high performance in business through the development of strong leaders.

After eight years as CEO of the group consisting of Xerox Emirates, Avis UAE, and Bosch - Home Wide UAE, among other companies, Bilal retired with the objective of investing more time as an advisor to various Boards, venture capital, and the development of leaders through coaching and mentoring. He drove change by partnering with his team and developing leaders to build the right talent capabilities to successfully deliver their company’s strategy and supported significant change initiatives for various projects.

Bilal draws on both his sports training as a Black Belt Dan 4 Karate International player and coach as well as his business leadership success to coach senior and emerging leaders. This unique combination of sports and business excellence gives him a distinctive edge as a coach. The rigor of structures, the need for self-discipline, the ability to perform under pressure and the drive to achieve a personal best, to deliver results that are better than expected, are the core foundations of his work. He instills the values of trust and integrity and recognizes that the key to any future success is people.

As a coach, he helps leaders create a culture for success, with a relentless focus on both on people and results. His work recognizes both the transactional and transformational work of a leader. Bilal draws on his own experiences in sports and business to help leaders implement structures and strategies to achieve their vision. He combines logic, honesty and vision and to help leaders gain clarity about their leadership style, ambitions and directions for future success. His approach is customized to ensure that the actions and learnings complement the vision, values, culture and strategy of the organization of the client.

Bilal holds an MBA in Marketing from International University, Missouri, USA, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree with Henley Business School – University of Reading, Reading, UK, with a focus on leadership. He is a Black Belt Dan 4 Karate International player, instructor, coach and country representative.

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