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SABH Consulting offers Economic & Financial Feasibility Study Services, helping our clients assess the success or failure probability of future business or projects. A thorough economic or financial feasibility study is critical for organizations to estimate their possibility of completing projects successfully. Our feasibility study services approach specifically looks into the key aspects such as the market scope, HR structure, financial viability, and other operations related to the proposed business or project. With SABH Consulting, our clients will gain a comprehensive overview of competitive factors in addition to demographic, economic, legal, economic, financial, and technical risks. The key members of our team are highly experienced in creating comprehensive business plans and conducting feasibility studies as well as producing comprehensive feasibility study reports.

A properly researched and executed feasibility study is capable of clearly identifying possible issues that can arise when a project is implemented, understanding financial, economic, operational, marketing, administrative and potential other organizational impacts. It determines if the project will be productive after considering all the influencing factors.

Our feasibility study services comprise of several elements, and they typically include:

  • Project Overview – An outline of the project, products or services offered, the business model and method of delivery.

  • Technical Feasibility – Addresses the technical specifications and data about product or service delivery, which could include labor, raw materials. transportation, technology needed, business locations etc.

  • Market Feasibility – Defines the prospective buyers, customers acquisition, competitors, industry, the future and current market potential and sales estimations.

  • Financial Feasibility – A forecast plan and financial model in respect of the funding required, the type of funds, and projected P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, Sales, Staffing, Assets, etc. This includes detailing the assumptions made in the study, sensitivity analysis, and the detailed presentation of key financial data.

  • Organizational & HR Feasibility – Presentation and analysis of the corporate, legal, and HR frameworks of the proposed project or business; including how such frameworks address and help the company commence and support the operations of the proposed business or project.

SABH Consulting Economic & Financial Feasibility Study services and solutions encompass the following:

  • Proposed new products

  • Proposed new services

  • Proposed new programs

  • Proposed new projects

  • Proposed new partnerships

  • Proposed new business ventures / businesses

With our team’s experience and expertise, we can confidently undertake and successfully execute small to large scale economic and financial feasibility consulting projects.

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